Quartz Crystal Ganesha Pendant

Clear quartz crystal attracts abundant positive energy, and Sri Ganesha removes all obstacles from our path; the pendant is set in silver. Quartz crystal, or sphatika, was held in high esteem by the holy sages of ancient India for its healing, uplifting and purifying properties. Sphatika attracts the auspicious energy of the sun, which energizes and purifies all seven subtle energy chakras. Sphatika stimulates the intelligence, purifies the mind and speech, and encourages one's energy to flow upwards towards the sahasrara chakra. Sri Ganesha is a form of God who clears all obstacles from our path and grants success in ever worldly or spiritual endeavor. With his grace, all difficult tasks can be accomplished and the path of life becomes smooth and joyful.

Collections: Sacred Jewelry

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