Amma Magazine Summer 2008

Amma's new full-color, quarterly magazine features Amma's spiritual messages, articles about spiritual practices, recipes, devotees' experiences, and much more! Amma Magazine is a wonderful way to stay connected to Amma throughout the year and receive her messages and advice for all her children. Each issue features articles about Amma's teachings, spiritual practices, recipies, and news on Amma's charitable projects. Single issues are $5. The yearly quarterly subscription (4 issues) rate is $20. To purchase a subscription click here. AmmaMagazine will ship separately from other Amma Store orders. Article Excerpt: To keep the manipura chakra healthy, it is very important to observe a regular schedule in one's daily activities. One should have regular mealtimes and eat only pure, sattwic, vegetarian food that can be easily digested. Most importantly, meditation on a mantra will burn all the karmas that have accumulated at this chakra. Sri Saraswati or Sri Gayatri Mantra are excellent mantras for meditation, and will benefit the manipura chakra tremendously The current issue may be purchased below:

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