Green Jade Nandi

Whether worshipped or simply kept in your home, a green jade Nandi will create a gentle atmosphere of love, faith and devotion. In such an atmosphere, the mind becomes balanced, the heart becomes more open, trusting and faithful, and you begin to open to a divine experience of spiritual abundance and a rich inner life. Green jade is a beautiful and sacred gemstone that cleanses, heals, and gently opens the heart chakra to unconditional love, divine peace, and heartfelt joy. Green jade also attracts the beneficial energy of Mercury for excellent discrimination and a positive attitude. Nandi is the most faithful and foremost devotee of Lord Siva. Lord Siva and Divine Mother are eternally enshrined within his gentle, trusting heart. In every Siva temple, you will find a large representation of Nandi outside the temple, and this Nandi always faces the Siva Lingam within the temple. This signifies that Nandi's attention is always focused on Lord Siva, just as a true devotee should strive to focus on God at all times. Nandi also represents dharma, and this indicates that when we commit to a dharmic lifestyle, we will become like a vehicle for God, just as Nandi is the vahana, or vehicle, for Lord Siva. For those who feel inspired to keep a Siva Lingam in their homes, it is very traditional to also keep a representation of Nandi, because Lord Siva is always found with his beloved Nandi. This green jade Nandi will remind you that those who always remember God will always be blessed to feel God's presence within. He will inspire you to open your heart to God more and more, with love, faith and innocent trust, for this is the way to experience God's light in your life. The special vibration of green jade will awaken your heart chakra, purify your mind, and increase your spiritual discrimination. Let this adorable Nandi show you the way to a life of sweet devotion, genuine gratitude and pure trust.