Chandi Saptasati Parayanam

Chandi Saptashati Parayanam is dedicated to Durga devi. This parayanam is one of the most powerful pujas that can be performed during these challenging times.

Chandi Saptashati Parayanam is performed by invoking Durga devi followed by the chanting of Durga Saptashati also known as Devi Mahatmayam and then Parayanam is performed as per the shastras.

  • Planetary influences are nullified by performing this parayanam as it reduces the malefic effects of the badly placed planets in one’s horoscope.
  • The bad effects of curses, evil eyes, doshas and obstacles are removed from a person’s horoscope by performing this parayanam with total devotion.
  • Ultimate protection and help to overcome our troubles and sufferings.


Special Instructions for Sponsorship Orders

Before each homam or puja is performed in Amma's Lalita Temple, a "sankalpa" is recited in Sanskrit, a divinely powerful language. Sankalpa is a special process involving Vedic incantations that energetically connect you and your family directly to any ritual. Amma assures us that when we are included in a sankalpa, we become spiritually connected to the power of the divine ceremony and receive its full benefits immediately, just as if we were physically present. 

In the section before below, please enter the name of the primary person for whom the festival is being sponsored. This name will be recited during the sankalpa. Please list up to five additional names and nakshatras only. It is not necessary to list all family members' names, as they will automatically receive blessings through the primary sponsor. If you know the primary sponsor's nakshatra (Vedic birthstar), you may enter it below. If you don't know the gotra or nakshatra, it's fine to leave this blank.

  • These special homas and pujas will be performed early morning at Amma’s Penusila ashram in India. Please allow minimum 24 hours prior to date of sponsorship.
  • Prasadam will not be available from this puja due to the current Covid-19 restrictions.

Family Lineage (if known otherwise leave blank)
Use the dropdown options below if you know your Nakshatra (Vedic Birthstar), otherwise leave as 'Unknown'
LIMIT 5 Additional Sankalpa Names and Nakshatra (if known) in "Name - Nakshatra" format. Do NOT add any other text.

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